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Here’s what other companies did.

Mayer Brown

Global Leading Law Firm

Health and Fitness Workshops

Mayer Brown wanted ideas for their company wellness month. Their main priority was to promote wellness and encourage employee participation. In the end, the Human Performance team hosted four consecutive weeks of workshops and fitness classes centering around different topics to meet the diverse company demographic. The workshops were done in the meeting rooms.

  • Core training for a healthier spine
  • Fat loss strategies
  • Sport performance essentials
  • Exercise programming strategies

Transport and Property Developer

Virtual Talk on Dynamic Balance

The transportation nature of the MTR corporation means that employees are stationed throughout Hong Kong. As such, planning a centralized talk in one location is not ultimately useful for majority of the staff. Andy delivered a virtual talk on Dynamic Balance to nearly 500 MTR employees. The talk centered around the interconnectedness of diet, emotions, and movement. A healthier lifestyle requires a healthy balance between the three elements, and not understanding the relationship will seriously impede one’s performance and goal towards living a healthy life.

Expedia Group

Global Online Travel Company

One-off Group Class for Teambuilding

Expedia Group wanted a fun one off class for their employees to kick of a series of fitness classes. Andy and Jackeline went to the company’s office to deliver a workout for 15 people. The workout included many interactive games, partner core training and of course, sweat and laughter!

Magic Mile Charity Run 2023

Warm Up

Warm Up Session for the Race

Magic Mile is a fun and family friendly event for all ages. The charity run had two races targeting different skill and age demographics. The Human Performance team was tasked with leading the warmup before both sessions. While the first warm up was more technical for the competitive runners, the second was more fun and interactive for the families. We can plan the warmup sessions according to your needs!

Why Corporate Fitness Workshop?

  • Employee participation
  • Practical tips for a healthier lifestyle
  • Better company image
  • Access to the latest trends and popular topics in fitness

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